We met in late 2020 when we were both consulting on the same project. We hit it off right away and quickly realized that our unique skill sets and personalities were complimentary.

Sarah is a fearless extrovert who can make instant connections and strategize on the spot while Jess is a creative, data-loving introvert who has her best ideas when she’s alone. Sarah has a B2B healthcare background while Jess has a B2C agency background. It just works.

In early 2021, we launched Emphasis Media. We built up a team of expert consultants and began expanding our services. In our first two years as a company, we worked with 16 clients and 17 consultants, remaining fully profitable and debt-free from inception (we’re proud of this).

Emphasis Media remains intentionally small so that we as founders can remain involved in each client – from client communication to strategy to overseeing day-to-day deliverables. We have a personal responsibility to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality possible to each brand we service. That said, we have and will continue to grow – but we’ll do it sustainably.

Although our structure differs from that of a typical agency, we function very similarly – arguably even more efficiently, and on a more personal level. We guarantee you will feel the investment from our team, and that’s because our consultants choose which projects they want to work on and invest their time in.